Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand?


On the previous 6 months, Thailand has reached the news across the planet. Back in November 2008, the”Yellow Shirts” held the airport terminal at Bangkok under siege, and throughout the past couple of weeks, the country has faced another nationwide emergency, when the”Red Shirts” chose to fight back with their protests in Bangkok. Yet, in many regions of Thailand, all seems peaceful and quiet, and there are no indicators of these political protests. No sign that is, save for the concern and worry of these sailors, and also the more silent bars, resorts and restaurants.

The issues behind those protests are complex, yet to put it as simply as possible:

Even the Yellow Shirts (also called The มรภ.สวนสุนันทา People’s Alliance for Democracy or PADs), trust the idea of democracy, however also feel that people need to have any comprehension of the very long run economic, social and political consequences of the vote. They genuinely believe that Thaksin used corruption to gain the vote of the majority people of those rural regions of Northern Thailandas well as on the lead up to the 2001 elections that made him prime minister.

The Red Shirts, but see Thaksin longer as a Robin Hood character, who took from the rich and gave to poor people. They believe they would be financially better off both in the brief term and also the long term under the principle of Thaksin. Consequently, they feel cheated.

Who’s right and who’s wrong is not for debate here. We are now more concerned about the impact these struggles might have about the economy of Thailand and on the number of tourists who would like to see. After the very first big protests began in November 2008, many holiday makers cancelled their adventure , and having just recovered from the effects of the Tsunami, lots of organizations in the tourism industry of Thailand faced yet another season of lowering tourist amounts. The fall out from this is widespread. Entire families require the income given by tourism to survive.

As such a high proportion of the population from the tourist hotspots of Thailand survive on the income of tourism independently, the vast majority of the locals in those places want only a calm resolution. They want thieves to Proceed to regard Thailand as The Land of Smiles.

Whilst no one wants to encourage one to head into the midst of a battle, I’m sure I’m speaking for the large majority when I ask you to consider the actual impact of the struggles in your trip to Thailand. Neither the Reds nor the Yellows have an issue with tourists or expats, however if you’re concerned with the recent troubles in Bangkok, I would like to highlight that you don’t have to fly into Bangkok should you wish to go to Thailand. From there it is possible to go right to your final holiday destination, even the place where a warm welcome and a peaceful atmosphere awaits – just as tourists have become to expect from Thailand – The Land of Smiles.

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